Locksmith in Walton on Thames, Byfleet, Woking and Surrey

UPVC Repairs in Walton on Thames, Weybridge, Byfleet, Woking, and Surrey

Chris At LockSharp Locksmiths of Byfleet and Walton on Thames, also specialise in Upvc repair, most problems can be repaired without the need to buy new doors and windows.

The most common problems with UPVC Doors are difficulty in closing and locking or jamming in the locked shut position, are often due to a miss-alignment between the door and the frame, possibly due to wear or even poor alignment from the original installation. Most alignment problems can be cured cheaply and without the need to replace any parts. In the most extreme cases replacing hinges or fitting new rollers and tracks to a sliding door will give your expensive doors a new lease of life.

Incorrect alignment if not correct early is often the cause of failure of the multipoint locking mechanism often when the door is locked. If you should be so unfortunate, LockRite is able to use specialist techniques to open doors without causing extra damage. Occasionally it is possible to repair broken mechanisms but more often it is necessary to replace with new central gearbox or complete mechanism.

The most common problems with UPVC Windows are not closing properly, broken handles/lost keys or jamming in the locked position. Chris at LockSharp (Byfleet and Walton on Thames) can solve all these problems from broken or worn Friction hinges, replacement of failed locking mechanism and handles in most cases LockSharp are able to carry out repairs on the first visit.

Many early multipoint locking mechanisms on doors and windows often offer low security levels compared with today's requirements; here at LockSharp we are able to source alternative replacements and upgrade your door and window security.

In addition we can also supply a range of accessories; such as additional locks and locking handles for older windows, child proof opening restrictors for upstairs windows and ventilation restrictors for downstairs windows or update your older windows or with more modern handles. We can also upgrade your doors by supplying replacement handles, either to replace old worn or damaged ones, or to provide a change of style and finish (eg. by replacing white with brass or chrome).